We love our clients

What they say


“ I would not be at where I am today without your help. I am sure glad I went to your place.
Thanks to Allyson…also to the rest of your people who helped me so much. Thanks again to
all”- Doris  

"Having had an accident with multiple injuries, from day one of my therapy, you have been
amazing. I have recovered in a way that exceeds my expectations. Looking forward to
resuming with you after my shoulder surgery.”- Doug, motor-vehicle accident

“I LOVE this company. Helpful, caring, and the staff is so GREAT. If you have a question, they
get answers. The progression of your healing is their main focus.”-Nancy, Total Knee

“I enjoyed how all your therapists were very friendly and all had such good personalities. It was
very enjoyable, even when it hurt. Good job to all.”- Kay, Total Shoulder Replacement
“I enjoyed the friendliness of the staff. Also feel that the atmosphere was relaxed and
welcoming. So different from my previous experience with another place”- Ruth, Total Knee

“Frank and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of your help getting Matt back to
‘normal’ after his horrible football injury. Thank you all so much, you guys are the best!----Amy,
parent of 11 th grader post-ACL reconstruction

“The Alter G has allowed me the ability to strengthen my body while not hindering my daily
living. Therefore, allowing me to conquer my RSD one step at a time.”—Cheryl, mom of 2 young

“Glad I came to rehab for 3 months for knee therapy. I’m feeling great and ‘pain-free’
now.”—Marie, Total Knee Replacement

“I was skeptical. Have had negative experiences at other facilities-and very positive at one
facility. This experience was superior.”--Don, Low Back Pain

“Your whole staff is wonderful. Your care and concern is heartfelt. I enjoyed my time there,
learned a lot, and recovered well.”--MaryAnne, Total Hip Replacement

“I love First Rehab and all the staff there. I am always welcomed and know that the treatment
my daughter gets will be wonderful but also done in a loving way. My daughter has Down
Syndrome and with that comes lots of physical challenges that Lindsay and I have worked on
together. My daughter is now 3 and walking, running, and climbing! First Rehab has been there
every step of the way. Thank You!”- Laura, Mother of 7

“If it wasn’t for First Rehab, I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you and Thanks

“Jonathan got me walking without a limp. Reduced my pain and showed me ways I should be
able to stay in this shape.”—anonymous

“Thank you all very much for your help I found your facility very well set up and beneficial. All
were very friendly. A special thanks to Allyson for all the help she gave me.”- Ron, post-cardiac

“Most people dread going to therapy. I looked forward to it. The people made me feel good to
push forward and get back in to condition and helpful in ways to do it. Thank you to

“ Middleville is blessed to have such a professional, all encompassing rehab facility. Quality
throughout”- Jeri, Hip Pain

“I have seen several physical therapists, but Lindsay is the best. She is truly concerned about
the patient’s problem and she wants to solve it. She treats the patient as an individual, not just
one of many with similar problems. There is a very friendly attitude and atmosphere within the
business. The patient is very quickly made to feel at east and comfortable, like one is among
very capable friends”- Maxine, Chronic low back pain

“I recommend First Rehab to all my doctors, friends, and family to send patients or other to go.
It was the best, most concerned PT facility I have ever been to. I would never go to a different
PT facility. I had the Dr. tell me what great progress I have made here….above his
expectations!”- Brad, post-op total shoulder replacement

“ I appreciate your professional skills and the way you manage your business. A+ on all levels.
Thank you!”, Karen, retired school counselor with shoulder pain

“Thank you so much for your help after my knee replacement. You all made the whole thing
fun instead of a chore. Four months post-op and I am doing great!”- Janey, Post-op Total Knee

“Was a great experience! GREAT people! Definitely would recommend and use First Rehab in
the future if needed!- Rodney, post-op arthroscopic meniscus repair

“ Your staff is friendly yet very professional. They are cheerful, kind, smiling and helpful. Your
facility is well-lit, bright, clean and welcoming. What a pleasure! You will be highly
recommended to all we know. People in the area needed another PT option. Thank you for
doing an exceptional job!! Your location was exceptional for running errand that all of us need
to do before or after therapy sessions.”- Marcie, shoulder pain

“I never had any concerns or complaints regarding your place. I am really pleased with my care
and results. I had just come off a really bad year of 4 surgeries. You all helped me physically
and mentally. Thanks so much and if I should ever need PT again, I’ll be back!”- Kay, retired
nurse, post-op Lumbar fusion and total hip replacement

“I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was great and very
encouraging the entire time!”- Jennifer, post-Stroke

“Allyson, who was my primary therapist was very good. However, every staff person I dealt
with were very accommodating. Thanks for helping me accomplish a great recovery from
shoulder surgery.”- Ned, post-op Rotator Cuff Repair

“As a mother, it’s hard to realize that your 6 month old is not developing normally, not rolling
over, not sitting up. Luckily, my pediatrician recognized these concerns and recommended
physical therapy. When we were referred to First Rehab and Lindsay Vertalka, our son, Cooper
needed therapy 1-2 times per week. My number one concern was a therapist with experience
and the ability to work with children, but a close location was also desirable. In First Rehab, we
found BOTH top-notch providers and a location that was close and convenient. My Cooper did
eventually roll-over, sit up, walk and yes, run - due to hard work, First Rehab and Lindsay
Vertalka. Cooper is now a thriving, running, swimming, hockey playing 6 year old! Thank you
First Rehab and Lindsay Vertalka for being there when we needed your help. We will not
hesitate to use First Rehab in the future should we need physical therapy for any of the
members of our family!”- Rebecca, Teacher and Mother of 3

“I felt that beside my PT (which was great) my questions and what to expect from my knee
replacement were always answered, which was so helpful and reassuring to someone who has
never been through a knee replacement before. Everyone is so friendly and it was enjoyable to
be there. Thank you all.”—Pam, Total Knee Replacement

“From the welcoming, helpful desk staff, to all of the therapists at First Rehab and Sport, we LOVE it
there. We feel like the entire staff is our family! Jon, one of the owners comes out each morning and
helps me carry in my daughter’s equipment and make us feel welcome from the moment we park. My 3
year old is so excited to go to therapy each and every week. My daughter had a lot of problems during
birth, which led to her being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Rylynn had extensive damage to her brain.
The doctor told us while she was in the NICU that she would not EVER crawl, walk, or play like other
children. Rylynn would need a feeding tube to eat, and would not be able to control her own body
temperature.From the beginning we worked with Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy. We were
referred to see Lindsay at First Rehab and Sport and we are so glad we did. We started going to First
Rehab a little over two years ago, and at 1 ½ years, Rylynn was just starting to hop around in a frog hop
a little bit. She had a hard time keeping her balance while sitting up with no hands and still had a lot of
hypertonia in her feet and legs. We have gone to therapy once a week, every week since then and
Rylynn is a completely different child. She went from barely hopping around in a crawling position, to
walking with a walker, and she just started walking with NO WALKER!! It’s crazy, I still can't believe it,
and I give so many thanks to First Rehab and Sport for it! My daughter can now live somewhat of a
normal life because of all of the work that the therapists at First Rehab and Sport have done with her. I
would recommend First Rehab and Sport to anyone that thinks their child could benefit from it because
it is well worth it. Physical therapy is about more than helping people walk, rebuilding muscles, etc. It is
also about building a relationship with each patient, and all of the staff at First Rehab do a great of
creating and holding those relationships! Thank you so much for your service! “-Tasha, Mother of 2

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